• J-O,s best shots

    Ankie Bagger: 3/27/2017Comments

  • Time Out

    At the moment J-O is taking part of the TV show Time Out! Time Out is one of Sweden´s most popular TV show and is about Sweden´s most famous comedians having a contest with big Swedish sportstars about their knowledge in sports! Check it out on TV4, monday the 6th of mars.

    Ankie Bagger: 3/3/2017Comments

  • Commercial recording for Kyäni

    Today I and my friend Anders Limpar recorded a commercial for Kyäni. Kyäni has very good supplements containing lots of important nutritions and minerals that are difficult to
    get sufficiently through eating normally!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/22/2017Comments

  • Football Summer

    Looking forward to the summer! I´m a big fan of football and look forward to watching all matches with my favorite team Hammarby!
    Here is an old picture when my friend, Tomas Brolin, and I was part of a "celebrity team" at a fun event.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/12/2017Comments

  • Table tennis has no age limit

    I was 6 years old when I started and was so happy when I got to play with my big brother Kjell-Ake Waldner in Spårvägen BTK-spårets vänner. Table tennis is a great sport and a sport where you can play against anyone, regardless of age!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/28/2017Comments

  • Interview with Fredrik Skavland

    Yesterday the interview of me in the tv show Skavland aired on SVT.
    Fredrik is very professional! He asks very good and interesting questions! According to me Skavland is one of the best tv shows ever aired.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/21/2017Comments

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