• Table tennis has no age limit

    I was 6 years old when I started and was so happy when I got to play with my big brother Kjell-Ake Waldner in Spårvägen BTK-spårets vänner. Table tennis is a great sport and a sport where you can play against anyone, regardless of age!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/28/2017Comments

  • Interview with Fredrik Skavland

    Yesterday the interview of me in the tv show Skavland aired on SVT.
    Fredrik is very professional! He asks very good and interesting questions! According to me Skavland is one of the best tv shows ever aired.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/21/2017Comments

  • Prestigious price

    Thank you very much for the prestigious prize. I feel honored to have been
    selected to the sports history! Svenska Idrottsgalan.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/16/2017Comments

  • SOC Swedish Championship in table tennis

    Congratulations to Mattias Karlsson, he played really well and went all the way to the finals in SOC! (Swedish Championship in table tennis)
    He lost in the final against Japanese Yuya Oshima 4-2 in sets.
    Well fought!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/20/2016Comments

  • Filming at Uppsala Paddle Centre

    Today we´ve taken pictures and filmed at Uppsala Paddle Centre.
    The pictures and film will be used in our effort to make paddlecourts in China!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/10/2016Comments

  • Meeting to plan for the first paddlecourts in Shanghai

    Planning for the construction of our first paddlecourts in Shanghai in the beginning of next year, together with Mattias Frisk, Johan Hansson, Dennis Widmark and Anton Andersson.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/3/2016Comments

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