About J-O:s world

I have wanted to have a connection with my Chinese friends and fans for a long time. A place where I can share my life and experiences with anyone who might be interested. But also a meeting place that bridges the distances that both geography and time creates between people.

As my career in table tennis has given me opportunities to meet people and has given me a great life, the purpose of 'my world' is to invite you to get to know me. I will be sharing my everyday life and career with you, as well as my interests and what I like in life.

Those of you who register as friends to 'my world' will be given the opportunity to get even closer but also have the chance to participate in contests and activities. Maybe we could even meet in real life.

With photos and film clips, but also with social media such as Weibo, you can see how I live and what I do, how I choose what I like in terms of lifestyle, clothing food and hobbies.

Through active images, you can click on the ones you find most interesting and learn more about my choices and what I like, get a feel for what Nordic lifestyle, quality, healthy food and the natural world means to me.

Of course much of my life revolves around sport. Everything from table tennis to football, basketball and tennis. Yes, really anything that involves a ball is fun and challenging. It is not important to be the best, but I try to master ball games and find the friendly competitive aspect both challenging and inspiring.

So please register and become a part of my world. Let us get closer and see if we can maybe inspire each other to achieve new feats and enjoy exciting experiences!

J-O Waldner

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