• Shanghai and Paddle

    Traveled to Shanghai to meet with potential partners for our paddle halls to be open there in the future. Interest in the sport is growing so much in China.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 6/21/2017Comments

  • Visit Beijing

    Always fun to visit China! This time I was guest judge at an event in Beijing:)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/25/2017Comments

  • J-O,s best shots

    Ankie Bagger: 3/27/2017Comments

  • Time Out

    At the moment J-O is taking part of the TV show Time Out! Time Out is one of Sweden´s most popular TV show and is about Sweden´s most famous comedians having a contest with big Swedish sportstars about their knowledge in sports! Check it out on TV4, monday the 6th of mars.

    Ankie Bagger: 3/3/2017Comments

  • Commercial recording for Kyäni

    Today I and my friend Anders Limpar recorded a commercial for Kyäni. Kyäni has very good supplements containing lots of important nutritions and minerals that are difficult to
    get sufficiently through eating normally!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/22/2017Comments

  • Football Summer

    Looking forward to the summer! I´m a big fan of football and look forward to watching all matches with my favorite team Hammarby!
    Here is an old picture when my friend, Tomas Brolin, and I was part of a "celebrity team" at a fun event.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/12/2017Comments

  • Table tennis has no age limit

    I was 6 years old when I started and was so happy when I got to play with my big brother Kjell-Ake Waldner in Spårvägen BTK-spårets vänner. Table tennis is a great sport and a sport where you can play against anyone, regardless of age!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/28/2017Comments

  • Interview with Fredrik Skavland

    Yesterday the interview of me in the tv show Skavland aired on SVT.
    Fredrik is very professional! He asks very good and interesting questions! According to me Skavland is one of the best tv shows ever aired.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/21/2017Comments

  • Prestigious price

    Thank you very much for the prestigious prize. I feel honored to have been
    selected to the sports history! Svenska Idrottsgalan.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/16/2017Comments

  • SOC Swedish Championship in table tennis

    Congratulations to Mattias Karlsson, he played really well and went all the way to the finals in SOC! (Swedish Championship in table tennis)
    He lost in the final against Japanese Yuya Oshima 4-2 in sets.
    Well fought!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/20/2016Comments

  • Filming at Uppsala Paddle Centre

    Today we´ve taken pictures and filmed at Uppsala Paddle Centre.
    The pictures and film will be used in our effort to make paddlecourts in China!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/10/2016Comments

  • Meeting to plan for the first paddlecourts in Shanghai

    Planning for the construction of our first paddlecourts in Shanghai in the beginning of next year, together with Mattias Frisk, Johan Hansson, Dennis Widmark and Anton Andersson.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/3/2016Comments

  • Anton and J-O are looking to make paddle a hit in China

    Uppsala, nationalteam player and swedish champion Anton Andersson is about to move to China, atleast temporarily. The mission: together with J-O Waldner arrange the breakthrough for paddle tennis in Asia.

    Ankie Bagger: 10/30/2016Comments

  • Cooperation with Canal Digital Sweden

    Today I and Mikael Appelgren signed an agreement with Canal Digital Sweden.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/25/2016Comments

  • Cooperation with Kyäni

    My cooperation with the company "Kyäni" is going well! Now we´re in the process of planning and structuring our work in China.

    Kyäni´s products (supplements) are based on natural ingredients; wild blueberries, ecological noni and other fruits and berries.

    Great products, giving lots of energy!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/18/2016Comments

  • Nostalgia with Jörgen Persson

    I looked through some old pictures and found this one of me and Jörgen Persson. Its from the junior national championship in Stockholm 1981. I won by 2-1 :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/12/2016Comments

  • World Cup in Sabrucken!

    World Cup in Sabrucken. I meet my old friend Kim So and his son who is from Southkorea.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/6/2016Comments

  • Thank you!

    Thank you very much for the congratulations on my birthday!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/3/2016Comments

  • Coffee in the sun

    Nice day! Coffee with my agent Mattias Frisk and my friend Anders Limpar on the boat M / S Molly

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/21/2016Comments

  • Golf at Bro Hof

    Nice day at the golfcourse with my good friend Tomas Brolin!
    Bro Hof Slott Golf Club is at Upplands-Bro and is one of Europe’s best golfcourses!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/3/2016Comments

  • Met Alexander Skarsgård

    I had the pleasure of meeting the actor Alexander Skarsgård. He’s a loyal Hammarby fan, just like me! I saw him in his last movie ”Tarzan” a short while ago, which I thought was great!
    Alexander has, just like me, gotten a nickname from his chinese fans which is ”E大”. His nickname originates from his role as the vampire Eric Northman in the hit tv show ”True Blood”

    I found a couple of young Hammarby supporters as well 

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/24/2016Comments

  • My brother Kjell-Åke

    Today we celebrate my brother Kjell-Åke on his birthday!
    Dinner and party at Ingarö

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/17/2016Comments

  • Wonderful golfsummer

    It's been a great summer with a lot of golf!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/10/2016Comments

  • Olympics in Barcelona

    Olympics in Barcelona
    Thinking back to the Olympics in Barcelona 1992!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/3/2016Comments

  • More Golf

    Nice swing! :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/28/2016Comments

  • Good friend

    It's still loads of fun to travel the globe and, amongst other things, play exhibitiongames with my good friend Mikael "Äpplet" Appelgren

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/23/2016Comments

  • Donic

    A whole day with my sponsor Donic.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/14/2016Comments

  • Specially designed olympic racquets

    I visited my sponsor Donic to sign specially made racquets for the olympics. What a handiwork! Here I am together with Woodhouse CEO Thomas Berner who produces racquets.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/7/2016Comments

  • Birthday & weddingday

    Today we had a whole day at sea again. My good friend Tomas Brolin invited us to celebrate his wife Marielle's birthday and their weddingday at the same time!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/4/2016Comments

  • Nordea Masters

    Nordea Masters. Here with Johan Carlsson & Mikael "Äpplet" Appelgren

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 6/29/2016Comments

  • Young Table Tennis fans

    It's been so much fun meeting all the young table tennis fans! This guy is going to be a pro when he grows up!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 6/24/2016Comments

  • Pets & Meeting

    A whole day of meetings. Mattias' dogs got to tag along

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 6/17/2016Comments

  • Meeting at Mälaren

    Great place to have a meeting at! Hanging around at Mälaren on the boat "M/S Molly" with my agent Mattias Frisk.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 6/10/2016Comments

  • Congratulations to Björn Borg

    Congratulations to my friend Björn Borg on his 60th birthday! ‪The best tennisplayer ever!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 6/6/2016Comments

  • Fun meeting with the football legend Glenn Hysèn.

    Today I enjoyed a fun meeting with Glenn Hysèn! Ofcourse my good friend and agent Mattias Frisk joined us!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/28/2016Comments

  • Interview with Radiosporten

    Today I was interviewed by a guy at Radiosporten, a part of Swedens Radio. There was a lot of talk regarding the olympics in Rio next autumn as well as my own experiences from the olympics.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/24/2016Comments

  • Memories from the Olympic games in Barcelona

    Olympic in Rio is approaching... I remember Barcelona 1992 ;-) I wish you all good luck with your final preparations! ‪The Olympic games‬ in ‪Rio2016.‬ Swedish Olympic Team

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/19/2016Comments

  • Practise with Dimitrij Ovtcharov

    Practise with Dimitrij Ovtcharov today💪🏼 Spårvägen BTK - Spårets Vänner

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/16/2016Comments

  • New paddlehall in Uppsala

    Today I played paddle together with my agent Mattias Frisk and my friends Christer Andersson, from Möller Bil, and the football expert Ola Andersson.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/13/2016Comments

  • Racquet signings

    Today I attended interviews and racquet signings the whole day. Here is a gang of people from EF who wanted a few racquets for their chinese colleagues.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/11/2016Comments

  • 60th Birthday party for my friend Frank Andersson

    What a party! Last weekend we celebrated our friend and wrestling legend Frank Anderson, who turned 60 years old. There was a great party with many friends who were eager to celebrate and congratulate Frank!

    He's still the same great, lively guy as before and it's hard to imagine he's turned 60 :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/9/2016Comments

  • Documentary about the table tennis legend Anton Källberg

    Today I met 19 year old table tennis talent, Anton Källberg.
    A production company is currently doing a documentary about Anton, which will be broadcasted on TV in preparation for his participation in the Olympic Games this summer. It was great
    talking to him and many good games were played.

    What a talent!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/3/2016Comments

  • Celebrate our king, Carl XVI Gustaf on his 70th birthday!

    Today J-O is invited to city hall to celebrate our king, Carl XVI Gustaf, on his 70th birthday! The king and queen have always been very interested by sports and have watched J-O's games through the years!

    Ankie Bagger: 4/30/2016Comments

  • Visit Jofama Fashion!

    I truly love Jofama's leather jackets! Yesterday we visited their showroom and met the great owner and CEO of the company, Jan Elfström! There were a lot of different jackets which I would love to have from the new collection!
    Next autumn a couple of great looking jackets designed by Jofama and Måns Zelmerlöw!
    Ofcourse my good friend and agent Mattias Frisk joined! :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 4/28/2016Comments

  • Afterwork and tabletennis

    Afterwork with tabletennis at M/S Molly. Good fun and hard fights :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 4/26/2016Comments

  • Vacation in Alicante

    Finally I get to enjoy some vacation! I went to Alicante with my friend "Äpplet" (Mikael Appelgren).
    We are playing golf and having a tremendous time! In a few days I'll continue the trip by going to Malaga.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 4/14/2016Comments

  • Advertisement recording today for Tolv Stockholm at Tele 2 Arena

    Advertisement recording today for Tolv Stockholm at Tele 2 Arena.
    The event includes, besides eating, the chance to try out different sports. Dr Alban, Edward Blom and I competed in various sports such as curling, golf, baseball, pool and table tennis to see who is the best of us.
    Guess who won! :)


    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 4/5/2016Comments

  • interview with sportguiden!!

    Interview and photo shoot for Sportguiden, which arrives in April! Here are some pictures from the photo shoot behind the scenes!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 3/24/2016Comments

  • Podcast Gry & Anders at Mix Megapol

    Today I was interviewed by Gry Forssell & Anders Timell in their podcast Gry & Anders with friends at Mix Megapol. Coming soon, do not miss it :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 3/22/2016Comments

  • Interview at "Sportspegeln" on SVT (Swedish Television)

    J-O did a guest appearance on the program "Sportspegeln" on SVT.
    There was an interesting interview about J-O's life and his long career.

    Ankie Bagger: 3/11/2016Comments

  • Paddle with friends

    Today I played paddle together with my agent Mattias Frisk and my friends Tomas Brolin and Jonas Björkman.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/23/2016Comments

  • The greatest athlete of our time

    Amazing memories from Jan-Ove's last game, the tributes and the party!
    The audience and the press agree that he is one of the greatest athletes of our time!

    Ankie Bagger: 2/16/2016Comments

  • The last game

    Tomorrow night I'll play my last league game for my club Spårvägen! After 38 years, I feel like the time has arrived to stop competing. However, I'll surely play several exhibition games in the future! You can see our game tomorrow night at 6:30 pm on TV4 Play.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/10/2016Comments

  • Congratulations Jörgen Persson!

    Congratulations to my friend Jörgen Persson! He won the Legends Tour this weekend. He played fantastically well!
    But next time I will win;)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/7/2016Comments

  • Legends Tour 2016

    Now it's time for the "Legends tour" again!
    Six legends are going head to head for the title on friday the 5th of february, in Belgium:
    Jean-Michael Saive, Kalinikos Kreanga, Jean-Philippe Gatien, Werner Schlager, Jörgen Persson and I.
    I feel very excited for the competition! I won it last year in Belgium and hope to do it again!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/3/2016Comments

  • New energi!

    • It has been nice to be on holiday for a while !! In the Christmas & New Year, I spent time with my family & friends. Then I went to Thailand for a few weeks. But now I'm back with new energy in the body and look forward to every project, we'll get started!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/25/2016Comments

  • New exiting projekt!

    It was a good meeting with legendary wrestler Frank Andersson & my agent Mattias Frisk!
    New exciting projects soon!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 12/9/2015Comments

  • Facebook

    10.000 likes on Facebook! Thank you all of your support! Keep on and follow me! A LOT of things will happen in The future! Stay online!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 12/4/2015Comments

  • 12 year old super talent!

    I meet Tomokazu Harimoto from Japan yesterday. He is 12 years Old. I was 15 when i reached The quaterfinal in SOC - Swedish Open Championships! Good luck in The future Tomokazu

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/12/2015Comments

  • SOC - Swedish Open Championships starts tomorrow!

    SOC - Swedish Open Championships starts tomorrow! I remember my first victory 1983 against Xie Saike, China Smiley smile! Me and Pär Gerell will be seen in SVT morning show @ 06.50 tomorrow! I hope to see you in Eriksdalshallen 11-15th Nov! Be there!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/11/2015Comments

  • Pictures from the event in Taian ( China).

    Here are some photos from the event in Taian ( China). There were about 3,000 people to see me play and some of them got the chance to play against me!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/23/2015Comments

  • Were back again from Taian, China!

    Were back again! Me & my agent Mattias Frisk went to Taian (China) on Thursday to attend in a big event.
    About 3,000 people came to participate and to watch me play against several people who dared to challenge me :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/18/2015Comments

  • Today our sport hero, Jan-Ove Waldner turns 50 years old! Hooray!

    Today our Amazing sports hero, Jan-Ove Waldner turns 50 years old!
    And that will be celebrated tremendously together with family and friends!

    Ankie Bagger: 10/3/2015Comments

  • Interview with DN today at M/S Molly

    Today I met the reporter Richard Persson who did an interview with me. Regarding my 50th birthday! My agent Mattias Frisk was also present as Always.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/23/2015Comments

  • Swedish Super League

    First match of the season in the Swedish super league! We lost 1-4 against Falkenberg but the season has just begun...Smiley smile Spårvägen BTK - Spårets Vänner

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/22/2015Comments

  • Successful event with Nordea

    A very successful event with Nordea! Together with my friend Mikael Appelgren

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/26/2015Comments

  • Im back!

    Im back @ the Office with my manager Mattias Frisk and co worker Niklas Waldenström.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/10/2015Comments

  • See you soon!

    My vacation is soon over and i look forward to next season! Stay online folks;-)!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/2/2015Comments

  • Donic and Germany

    Was in Germany with Jorgen Persson and Timo Boll. Promotion for Donic. Love Germany!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/14/2015Comments

  • Donic in Bankok

    With Donic in Bankok

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/9/2015Comments

  • Promotion trip to Thailand

    Here is Jorgen Persson, Steffen Fetzner from Donic and me on a exhibition and promotion tour in Thailand.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/7/2015Comments

  • Cheers from Bankok

    In Bankok with Jorgen Persson. Cheers and congrats from us to the Swedish U21 team who won the European Championships! Respect!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/2/2015Comments

  • Lao-Wa Sportswear Collection!

    Here is a sample of my upcoming clothing line. Keep your eyes open for more.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/20/2015Comments

  • Volvo, Ikea & My Cronic in Shanghai!

    My two week trip to Shanghai was very successful! Among other things, I worked for Volvo and their "Volvo China Open" at Thomson Golf Court and had the pleasure to work with a lot of good people. Among these people were Jörgen Persson and my good old friend Jean-Philippe Gatien "Philou". I also took part in an event for Ikea, celebrating the opening of a new shopping center. At this event I had the big joy of playing a game in front of thousands of people, amazing! Furthermore I also played at a wonderful event arranged by the electronics company "My Cronic"

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/20/2015Comments

  • Business with Swedish companys Volvo And Ikea

    Off to CHINA today with Mattias Frisk!! I will be there for two weeks and work for Vovlo, IKEA and a lot off other nice things! I will keep you uppdated! Stay online!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 5/5/2015Comments

  • Interview with Expressen

    The newspaper Expressen did a two hour interview with me a few Days ago. They will tell you a lot about my life and exciting happenings in my table tennis career.
    You can read the article in about a week.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 4/9/2015Comments

  • Swedish Super League

    Yesterday my team Spårvägen BTK - Spårets Vänner with me and Jan-Ove Waldner qualified for Playoff in Swedish Super League! A dear friend to me and J-O, Anders Limpar supported us all the way!! Thank you Limpan!;-)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 4/9/2015Comments

  • Volvo Ocean Race!

    Pictures from the SCA boat @ Volvo Ocean Race in China!
    Perhaps i have new career?;-)
    Photo: Anna-Lena Elled

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/16/2015Comments

  • Victory

    Victory yesterday in the Swedish super league! I won my 2 matches i played! Im still going strong! Off to China today for Volvo Ocean race with Jorgen Persson

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/4/2015Comments

  • Grand opening of IKEA in CHINA!

    It came over 200 000 visitors since I opened Another new IKEA store in Beijing.
    I played with the visitorsand with the management of IKEA.
    Visitors were countless when I sat down to sign autographs for hours!
    Im BIG in CHINA;-)!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/12/2015Comments

  • A visit at Situs Media

    Me and Mikael Appelgren visited our partner Situs Media this week.

    They have made the website

    We also recorded a christmas message.

    Exciting to see the World Wide Web from the inside

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 12/17/2014Comments

  • Event @ TTEX table tennis expert!

    I played with the future.

    A lot of talent!

    Keep up the the good work kids and keep practise! Good Luck! :-)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 12/9/2014Comments

  • Event with the SOC Sponsors

    Swedish open Championship last week! The Sponsors were happy and kind of confused when they met my curved balls :-)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/19/2014Comments

  • Press Release for my sports fashion collection

    l launched my first sports fashion collection during the Shanghai Fashion Week at Langham Xintiandi on the 17th of October.

    What do you think?

    LAO WA SWERIGE ™ - Wear the Legend, is a premium brand with Swedish heritage and design, made in Europe.
    Visit: for more information.

    Visit my Facebook page for more updates in my life!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/23/2014Comments

  • Prorector AB, new partner in China

    I am glad to announce our exclusive agreement with the Swedish company Prorector AB, to represent them and the high-impact health products Kyäni within China.

    Myself and CEO Tommy Sundqvist, Prorector AB, from the signing ceremony of our agreement in Stockholm in May 28th, 2104.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/18/2014Comments

  • Tough opponent, head of Volvo Olof Persson

    It´s been a wonderful summer enjoying some free time travelling around. However, this weekend, while working for Volvo, I went to Gothenburg for a table tennis event. It was a fun event where I got to enjoy playing with my old ping pong buddies Jörgen Persson and Ulf "Tickan" Carlsson. Furthermore, I also enjoyed playing a few games with the man responsible for sponsoring and events, Tony Larsson as well as the head of Volvo, "The Big Boss" Olof Persson. I have to admit, Olof was a great player with a good forehand! I´m looking forward to more future cooperations with Volvo i Sweden and China!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 8/1/2014Comments

  • Working with IKEA

    Hi again, now I´m back home in Sweden after a very exciting trip to Shanghai. Together with many great boardmembers from Ikea, as well as director Mathias Kamprad, I took part in the opening ceremony of a large new shopping centre in the city Vuxi. It´s been a very interesting and fun experience to work all of them. Furthermore, about a month ago I also worked for Volvo with their golf tournament "Volvo China Open" in the city of Shenzhen, which is in the Guangdong province in southern china. I must say it feels very cool being a Swede and working with these companys!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 7/3/2014Comments

  • IKEA´s Grand Opening in Wuxi, China

    After an amazing midsummer weekend : I´m getting ready for my trip tommorow. This time I will be heading to a place called Wuxi outside of Shanghai.
    I will reside there for five days and work for IKEA who are opening a new store. Additionally I will also attend several different interviews for various radio stations and the media.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 6/24/2014Comments

  • ITTF Legendstour

    J-O took a historic victory in the ITTF Legend Tour last week in Belgium! He defeated first Jorgen Persson 3-1 in the semifinals and then Jean Michel Saive 3-2 in the final. It sounds like a VM from the early 90's, and this time it was clear that it was not just about a show when the old legends met again! Looking forward to more tournaments!

    In the Picture is, Jorgen Persson, J-O Waldner, Mikael Appelgren, Jean-Philippe Gatien, Jean-Michel Saive and Jiang Jialiang.

    Congratulations J-O!

    Ankie Bagger: 5/21/2014Comments

  • I huvudet på Gunde Svan

    Intense but fun week in china! In addition to the job for the Volvo China Open so I recorded parts of a television program for TV4. Sports profile and now TV host Gunde Svan followed me around with his crew. It became both golf and ping-pong challenge between me and Gunde! The program is called "I huvudet på Gunde Svan" and will be aired in the spring in Swedish television.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 4/29/2014Comments

  • What an amazing days we have here in Shenzhen, Guangdong (China). I and several well-known sports figures playing golf at the Volvo China Open. The company Volvo's big event! It is one of Chinas best golf courses! There is obviously a lot of challenges i table tennis too :)
    Here i am together whit golfing superstars Ian Poulter and Jason Dufner (second and third from the left), challenged former table tennis World Champions, Jörgen Persson and Jiang Jialiang who used rackets well suited for the occasion.

    I have also managed to have some other interesting encounters here. Among other with a Swedish TV team ...

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 4/24/2014Comments


    Im redy for the ITTLEGENDSTOUR! Are you? :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 3/31/2014Comments

  • Have a nice weekend!

    Signing to my fans. Hope you have a nice weekend

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 3/31/2014Comments

  • Kings Of Tennis

    It was a fun and exciting evening at the "Kings of Tennis" in Stockholm. (Sweden)
    Several legendary players competed. Mats Wilander, Stefan Edberg, Thomas Enqvist, Henri Leconte, Marcelo Rios and Carlos Moya. The finale was between Stefan Edberg and Thomas Enqvist. Enqvist dominated the game throughout and only lost five game. Impressive!

    In this picture i am with former curling player Anette Norberg, Mats Wilander And Former football player Anders Limpar.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 3/20/2014Comments

  • Many won a ball from me :)

    It was a successful event with Vahidin Pad Okic & Me at Unit 4 Agresso! Anyone who won a ball from me got a sweater. There were some pieces;)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 3/10/2014Comments

  • 20 years later

    Its exactly 20 years ago my good friend Jean-Michel Saive from Belgium beat me in ping-pong and became world number one! It was in Arezzo, Italy.
    Now he is in Sweden together with a journalist from the Belgian newspaper Sudd Presse to make a great interview with me coming in days.
    Jean-Michel has participated in the Olympicgames six times. Nr two in the World Cup -93 and Nr 1 In EM -94.
    In the picture besides Jean-Michel and I are my good friends and partners Dennis Widmark & Mattias Frisk.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 2/13/2014Comments

  • Tv-show with David Hasselhoff

    David Hasselhoff is in town! I will participate in his his new TV show to be aired this spring on channel 3. This weekend we played in the middle section. It was pretty funny, actually! Along with me was also the former wrestler Frank Andersson, Racing driver Tina Turner and sports commentator Patrick Ekwall.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/23/2014Comments

  • A good week!

    It's been wonderful to be vacant over the Christmas & New Year! I have spent a lot of time with my family & friends. But now everything has been launched again! This week has been filled with activities and exciting meetings! In the picture, I along with my friend Frank Schreiner, who owns the company Donic. My racket brand since 25 years.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 1/17/2014Comments

  • Happy kids

    It's always fun to meet children and young people who are interested in ping-pong. The other day I visited a company in Stockholm where many children had gathered to play table tennis against me, ask questions and get an autograph. A really great day!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 12/18/2013Comments

  • Signed 1000 autographs

    I just got back from Berlin. I was there along with the company "Donic" to work at the German Championships in table tennis. There were a lot of really good matches. During the two days that we were there so I signed about 1000 autographs for my fans! It was a great feeling to meet so many table tennis enthusiasts.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/26/2013Comments

  • Meeting "Svennis"

    The other day I met one of the world's best football coach, Lars-Goran (Svennis) Eriksson. It was on his book release out on Nordstedts publishers. This week he releases his autobiography "My Story" It's a very disclosure depiction of his life. It will be really exciting to read!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/11/2013Comments

  • Win a autographed pingpong rack

    Visit and sign up on my website Lao Then you can win a signed ping pong rack (Donic) from me. We draw 10 lucky winners! Do not miss it!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/8/2013Comments

  • visits from China Post

    We had a very nice visit from China Post recently! We had great conversations about further collaboration in the future! My Stamp released in China recently has sold very well and everyone including myself are very satisfied.
    Here i am with Mr Wang Donqiu, Deputy Director Of Stamp Design, China Post Group.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/4/2013Comments

  • Interesting day!

    Di China was held for the third year and a packed auditorium at Berns could take advantage of the latest trends in the Chinese market and share experiences on how best to work to achieve success in the Middle Kingdom. Among the companies that shared their experiences from scene brand such as Volvo Cars, Sandvik, Assa AbloyNevs / Saab and Stora Enso. Conference Di China offered many new insights and interesting expert analysis and there was plenty of discussions involved both in connection with preferred as the coffee table and mingle. I am already looking forward to next year's conference!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 11/3/2013Comments

  • Important game tonight

    Now I charge for the game tonight! We meet Warta who have won two of three games in this series to date. It is very important that we win!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/22/2013Comments

  • Exciting meeting

    Lovely start to a new week! First a workout at the gym and now lunch with a good friend. After that I'm off on a really exciting meeting with a Swedish company. Hope you also have a great day!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/21/2013Comments

  • World Cup

    FIFA World Cup In Brazil & Journey to Hong Kong
    Here I am with my friend and football legend Tomas Brolin. We had a really great evening as we watched the game between Sweden and Austria last week. Now it will be interesting to see which team they will meet in the playoffs. It will probably be a trip to Brazil next summer 
    Today I came home from Hong Kong. It was a business trip for a Swedish companies setting up in China. Many nice meetings and dinners and of course a little ping-pong too!

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/18/2013Comments

  • Hong Kong here i come

    There is a lot to prepare for the trip to Hong Kong tomorrow.

    I've been there many times before, but it's always exciting to come back. Meetings with new people, good food and fantastic culture. I feel incredibly humbled and proud for all the attention I get when I come to China.

    Did you know that approximately 300 million people in China play table tennis a few times a week :)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/11/2013Comments

  • Many meetings

    Many meetings

    There have been many meetings in recent days. Last weekend I played an exhibition match with my good friend and table tennis legend Mikael Appelgren. It was a tough game when we both wanted to win

    I really like to do that kind of arrangement. Especially for companies that want to make a special happening for its partners and employees. It is always very appreciated!

    I was also really celebrated by my family and friends on my birthday. And i also want to thank all of you who send me greetings!

    I really look forward to my trip to Hong Kong this weekend. There are several interesting meetings scheduled.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 10/9/2013Comments

  • Happy birthday!

    Today we celebrate Chang Qing Shu (常青树)! Congratulations from all us in the team! If you wish to congratulate J-O you can do that in the comments below or on J-O:s Weibo page.

    Ankie Bagger: 10/3/2013Comments

  • Grand launch

    Wow, what a grand launch, I am really touched and extremely proud of the honor to be depicted on the new stamp.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/27/2013Comments

  • At the end of the queue I sat and signed. (3/3)

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/27/2013Comments

  • Long queue (2/3)

    Here is a picture from the event where the stamps were launched. As you can see it is lots of journalists and people.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/27/2013Comments

  • Release Ceremony (1/3)

    Here is a picture from the event where the stamps were launched. As you can see it is lots of journalists and people.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/27/2013Comments

  • Signed my stamp

    Visited the main post office today. Got to see my new stamps that will be released in China on September 27. What an honour! Signed a whole batch of them. Also signed some of my rackets, and I was happy to do so…

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/20/2013Comments

  • Clothes shopping in town

    Went shopping for clothes at the Moodgallerian shopping mall in Stockholm with a friend today! Checked out some of my favourite Swedish designers! Tiger of Sweden, J Lindeberg and Acne. But also Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/19/2013Comments

  • My new watch. Royally stylish!

    I simply say: Sjöö Sandström. Makes you proud to be Swedish! The watch is called Royal Steel Chronograph. Not too flamboyant, just about right.

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/18/2013Comments

  • Lots to fix before my trip

    Need to get a new visa now that we're going to Beijing next week. Had a visa for two years that has just expired. I just have to complete the form and look happy. Hope that they will accept me...

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/16/2013Comments

  • Life feels really great

    Today was match day. I don't think I have played in such an inspired way and with such self-belief for a long time. I won today against the talented Fred Åkerström, current Swedish champion by 11-4, 11-4, 11-4. Only twelve dropped points! And soon I'll be on my way to China for the launch of my stamp…

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/16/2013Comments

  • Alone is not strong

    Another day working on my website. Incredibly many details to keep track of. Here I am with two of my team mates – Mattias and Ankie. Without them, it would probably never have worked…

    J-O Waldner (老瓦): 9/14/2013Comments

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